Carleton Adapting To Role In WNBA, Putting Team First

Bridget Carleton is used to being the one hitting key shots, and spending the bulk of the game on the court.

The rookie WNBA player however, is finding herself in a different role with the Connecticut Sun, not hitting the court at all in her first two games.

“It’s definitely difficult at times and something I’ve had to adjust to,” said Carleton of the challenges of her new role in the World’s top professional women’s league.

“But my mindset is always about the team first. I am a rookie on a well established WNBA team who has goals to win a championship.”

The Big 12 Player of the Year, and Cheryl Miller Award winner, overcame the odds to even make Connecticut’s opening night roster, but Carleton doesn’t plan to become complacent, or happy just watching. She wants to earn her opportunity to play, while learning from the talented players around her.

“I am in a league with 144 of the best players in the world, so I will continue to learn as much as possible and grow on and off the court,” said Carleton. “I will be the best teammate and player I can be and help the team be successful in any way I can.”

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    John Holling 1 year

    Those comments are what has made Bridget a success every place she has played Team first Learning 2nd Bridget 3rd or 4th That dedication has made her the player she is today as one coach said she is a swiss army knife who can utilize what ever talent she needs at that time.
    She will get her court time!B

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    Paul Charbonneau 1 year

    We are behind you 100% all the time Bridget.