Municipality Unveils Plan For New Arena Complex

Komoka arena

Komoka’s arena complex had many similar features to Chatham-Kent’s proposed complex

Some of the questions are over.

Chatham-Kent plans to move forward with a new complex which originally featured a 2,200-seat arena, a 200-seat practice pad, and a multi-sport indoor facility.

Councillor Brock McGregor however, entered a successful motion to keep exploring a main rink of then twin with a 4,000-seat capacity. That vote went 13-4 with Michael Bondy, Steve Pinsonneault, Doug Sulman, and John Wright voting against it.

Council also voted to move forward with architectural designs and land acquisition options.

The indoor complex will include possibilities for multiple sports, including soccer and track.

This was what council decided after reviewing multiple options, and reviewing public input.

The complex is slated to cost $63.8 million and an increase in net annual operating and lifecycle costs of $360,000, which does not include land acquisition, or outdoor sporting fields.

Upon completion of the new facility, Memorial and Erickson Arenas will be closed and potentially demolished.

Now that Chatham-Kent residents know the “what,” now they will wait for the “when.”

Chatham-Kent council will wait for 73% of the funding for the arena to come from Federal and Provincial governments. The Municipality will foot $18.5 million in costs.

Images in the Council presentation showed Komoka’s arena as a comparable.

The location of the new complex is still unknown.

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  • comment-avatar
    E Putnam 1 year

    4000 seats much better idea gives more opportunity for more varied venues. Pretty much any successful complexes have a minimum of 5000 seats

  • comment-avatar
    Adam 1 year

    Complete waste of our tax dollars in my opinion. We have three arenas already, one of which just had minor renovations.