Maddy Hathaway Excited For Irish Rugby Adventure

Chatham-Kent’s Maddy Hathaway will cross the ocean this summer to play rugby in Ireland with her Sarnia Saints teammates.

The trip, and opportunity to play in a rugby rich nation, is one Hathaway is excited for.

“I can not explain how excited I am to be able to play in Ireland this summer. Playing rugby overseas is something I’ve always dreamed of and I can not believe it’s coming true so soon,” Hathaway explained.

“I am excited to see the culture of rugby from across the world. Over in Ireland rugby is their hockey or basketball, it’s always being shown on the TVs and is talked about a lot. Here, if rugby is on I get calls from all my grandparents telling me to go watch because it’s not a regular thing to see on TV. I am very excited to see rugby played over in Ireland, their plays, how the set up for a new play, how their field is set up. As a scrum half I always need to be aware of how the field is set up to be able to make the right pass or call the right play. I am hoping to gain some knowledge from other teams as I watch them play in Ireland.”

Hathaway will be travelling with her Sarnia team, which also features fellow UCC Lancers rugby player Savannah Emmott.

Hathaway hopes to use the experience, and her summer with Sarnia to improve.

“Every season that comes, my goal is to improve at everything I do. I push myself every practice and every game to improve and to learn different techniques, plays and views of the field.”

“I believe that there is always room to improve no matter how well you play, this pushes me to work hard no matter what. This is why my goal, every year, is to improve,” she added.

With the trip to Ireland, come costs, which Hathaway is hoping local businesses and individuals may be interested in sponsoring her to help offset these costs.

“If any business would like to get involved in our trip, their business logo will be put in our tour booklet that will be handed out. Online shoutouts on social media will be given as well as on our website. Their business will be showed from Sarnia to Chatham-Kent.”

Hathaway can be reached at for any business or individual interested in helping.

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