Wallaceburg Junior C Team Renamed Wallaceburg Thunderhawks

Wallaceburg Thunderhawks

Wallaceburg Thunderhawks staff Louie Blackbird (left), Ken Shine (middle) and Darryl Lucio (right) – Contributed Photo

Goodbye Wallaceburg Lakers, hello Wallaceburg Thunderhawks.

At a town meeting Thursday night, Wallaceburg’s management group announced the team would be rebranding to be called the Wallaceburg Thunderhawks for the upcoming PJHL season.

“It went well, new name, new logo, new colours were well received,” said part owner and president Darryl Lucio of the meeting and release of the new logo and team name.

“There were questions about the past, but we said we’re moving forward positively.”

The Thunderhawks are hoping a new name, and new look will signal a new start for Junior hockey in Wallaceburg.

“It’s a fresh start,” said Lucio. “It’s been a long, roughly ten years of hardship in Wallaceburg for Junior hockey, with the fire the ownership group thought it was a good time for a fresh start, including a new look and new name.”

The team’s old jerseys were burned in a fire at Wallaceburg Memorial Arena earlier this offseason.

Wallaceburg’s management also reiterated that the team needs local support, namely in the form of volunteers.

“We need help, and need volunteers, more people to help us out, which was relayed at the meeting.”

Wallaceburg had applied for a move to Tilbury this year, but the move was denied.

The now former Wallaceburg Lakers finished last in the PJHL Stobbs Division in 2018-2019 with a 1-37-0-2 record.

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  • comment-avatar
    Pat 3 years

    I think it’s a great name and good for the town

  • comment-avatar
    William 3 years

    the ’tilbury thunderhawks has a certain ring to it. Are they really moving forward or are they still laying the ground work to leave

  • comment-avatar
    Mark Aarssen 3 years

    Why burn the old jersey’s some folks might have liked to have one for memory sake.