Bondy Putting Forward New Arena Motion At Council

Chatham councillor Michael Bondy is putting forward an amendment to previous decisions on arena funding to be heard at tonight’s Chatham-Kent council meeting in Tilbury.

The motion reads as follows:

“Whereas administration has indicated it is preparing an application for a 4,000 seat twin pad arena and multi-sports complex.

And whereas, Council may vote against this application resulting in the total loss of grant money from the two other levels of government.

And whereas, it has recently been confirmed that there is grant money available for retrofit projects.

And whereas, administration has also indicated that the application for a scaled down project will be simple to assemble based on the initial architectural drawing for the larger project.

Therefore be it resolved that Council direct administration to also prepare applications for a not larger than 2,000 seat twin pad arena and an application regarding a twinning of Memorial arena with the necessary upgrades to the existing facility. These contingency applications will provide Council with options considering the size and scope of the project.”

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    Ron Denomy 1 year

    This appears to be reasonable we need to know what alternative will cost