Build The Complex CK Condemns Council And Mayor In Scathing Press Release

The Build the Complex CK group, fronted by Nathan Trudell, released a scathing press release about Chatham-Kent Council’s decision to pursue funding for a 2200 seat arena facility at last week’s Chatham-Kent council meeting.

The following is Build the Complex CK’s press release, unedited and in its entirety:

Our group, Build The Complex C-K would like everyone to know that the recent developments in the Arena/Complex negotiations completely blindsided us, and also all the taxpayers in Chatham-Kent. The recent vote by council, which went against what that had previously agreed and voted on, has now completely changed the whole spectrum of the project even though it goes against what the large majority of the people in C-K wanted.

Administration, mayor Canniff, and council, have now went in a separate direction due to a $5 million dollar donation from an unnamed source. This donation has shifted the focus from what really matters in our community. Growth! With that 4000 seat complex, our community would have been able to host events, and entertainment locally which would have stimulated our economy greatly. With local money staying put, and having an economic impact each year of over $200 million, C-K would have thrived with current businesses growing, new families relocating here, and new businesses wanting to join in on that growth.

Unfortunately at this point, our administration, mayor Canniff, and our council, have abandoned the people of C-K and have chosen to carry on with personal agendas that benefit only them and nothing else. With these selfish choices will come extreme consequences. The ongoing costs of what council has chosen to do will have a dramatic impact on everyone’s taxes moving forward. The operating costs will be substantial and with no revenue flowing, local money spent outside C-K on entertainment and no economic impact from this new project, residents will now be on the hook for this huge mistake that is being made.

Build The Complex C-K does not support any part of this decision and neither should anyone in the community. We will continue this battle to bring what is needed to our wonderful city. We urge everyone who disagrees with this decision to speak up and let your mayor and councilors know that this is a huge mistake.

If anyone would like any more information about this situation please contact us at Check out our website or our Facebook page for updates.

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