The Cost Of Healthy Eating

We all know that eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet plays a large role in contributing to ones overall good health.

“Don’t forget to eat breakfast”

“Choose the healthier option”

We hear these commands constantly, but is it really that simple? Sometimes those “choosing” don’t really have a “choice” at all..

What happens when money is tight, and parents have to choose between paying rent or purchasing the healthiest groceries possible?

What about when money runs out a few days before next pay, and families are forced to skip meals to get by?

In an ideal world, healthy food would be affordable and accessible to ALL, regardless of income, location, or any other outlying factor. In an ideal world, “Choosing the healthy option” could be a real choice for everyone.

But, there is always more to the story. Find out the REAL “Cost” of Eating Well in Chatham-Kent, as well as information on what YOU can do to help by visiting:

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