Family Bond Helps Kucera Sisters On The Court And Off

Jana Kucera Logan Kucera

Jana Kucera (left) and Logan Kucera (right)

Jana Kucera and Logan Kucera have been two of the most consistent players in OCAA women’s basketball since they entered the league with the St. Clair College Saints.

The duo, who have played together their entire lives are among provincial leaders in scoring, and have pushed each other, and supported each other along the way, relying on their familial bond.

“Playing with my sister my whole life has been nothing but beneficial. We have learned to trust each other on the court and this allows us to be confident in the other person’s choices and follow each other’s lead,” explained Jana Kucera.

“It’s cool to play with someone who knows you so well,” says Logan Kucera. “Without thinking, we move well together on the court. We read each other instinctively and we are also competitive with one another so it pushes us both to be the best we can be. Even though we challenge each other, we also keep each other calm under pressure. It has definitely helped me become a better player on the court and a better person off the court.”

Jana and Logan aren’t the only athletes in the family, as their brother Lee Kucera is a former winner of the Dr. Jack Parry Award. He went on to medal at the National Track and Field Championships throwing javelin, and played University baseball for Dalhousie.

You often hear teammates in sports referred to as “family,” so when your teammate is also your sibling, it takes the connection in competition, and the drive to help each other succeed to the next level.

“Being lifelong teammates with Logan has helped me as an athlete in so many ways,” says Jana. “It has continuously pushed me to work hard whether we are in season or heading to the gym during the off season. We are both extremely competitive so we like to challenge each other to lift more or run faster. We always have someone to shoot with and we can work on moves against each other which only makes us both stronger. As well, we can go to each other in any situation and talk about the things we can do better. It’s definitely a unique experience that we want to continue for as long as possible.”

As twins, Jana and Logan aren’t often without each other, taking the same program at St. Clair College, and playing sports together throughout their youth and into college. Their connection and bond is unbreakable.

“Playing with my sister is natural – we don’t know anything different,” said Logan. “In fact, it’s more difficult to play without her. Not everyone gets to share what we do so our goal is to play together as long as possible.”

Happy Family Day!

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