Lauren Nicholson: The Shot Heard Around The World

Lauren Nicholson

Lauren Nicholson of the Ryerson Rams – Photo by Christian Bender/ Ryerson Athletics

By Veronica McFadden

This year in the Ontario University Athletics league Lauren Nicholson was a powerhouse on the powerplay for the Ryerson Rams. With 13 goals and 8 assists Nicholson was one point off her career high points as she had 21 points. In this post let’s count down Lauren Nicholson top 5 goals this season. Check out at the bottom for the best of Lauren Nicholson’s 2019-2020 regular season and stay tuned for her playoff highlights.

Number 5: Nicholson blast activate

With 7 PP goals on the season it is impossible not to have one of those deadly one-timers on this list. Lauren Nicholson’s office is the top of the circle and she went to work here. After receiving the pass from powerplay partner Mariah Hinds, Nicholson unloads her canon of a shot and opens the game for Ryerson.

Number 4: Skate to stick to the back of the net

Lauren Nicholson is used to being set up as the one timer on the powerplay but here she shows off her hands against the Queen’s defender. Nicholson takes the puck and flies up the wing. She tries to go through the defender’s legs but hits her skate instead. Nicholson continues the puck as she kicks it to her stick and gets it through the goalie’s wickets.

Number 3: Powerplay overtime winner against York University

The York Lions take a penalty during OT which allows Lisa Healy to put her dangerous PP unit. Lauren Nicholson is in her office, at the top of the circle, when she receives the pass along the half boards and walks right into the high slot above the circle and unleashes her power shot. Ryerson would win 3-2 off Nicholson’s shot.

Number 2: Wheel, snipe, celly

After receiving the perfect pass from Madison Lalonde, Lauren Nicholson fires it low glove side for the 4th goal of the game and complete her hat-trick. Throughout this season Nicholson has shown the OUA that she has an excellent shot and can place the puck just about from anywhere on the ice. This goal she just off the Royal Road but with her shot she gets the puck past the University of Toronto goalie before she can react.

Number 1: Dangles on dangles against Toronto Varsity Blues

A shorthanded goal is impressive but a shorthanded breakaway where you leave the goalie asking what just happened; that is a highlight reel goal. Lauren Nicholson takes the puck away from the Varsity defender and just undresses the Erica Fryer to tie the game.

Here is a Lauren Nicholson highlight video:

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