Journeyman Matt Kenney Finds A Home, And Success At Guelph

Matt Kenney hockey

Matt Kenney celebrates a goal with the Guelph Gryphons

Matt Kenney has been around the hockey block. Between 2010 and 2016, he played for 10 different teams in 6 different leagues.

After committed to the University of Guelph Gryphons men’s hockey team however, Kenney has laid down roots, and has found a growing success.

“I think as you get older you expect there to be more production out of yourself and I think with talking to my coaches at the end of last year we knew that I would need to have a bigger impact being an older guy in the lineup, and I think I took great pride in that,” Kenney said “It really forced me to become a better leader seeing as we had so many guys come in as first year pros. I was able to own my game, and as a team we were able to create personal and team success throughout the year.”

Kenney scored 10 points in 25 games this year for the Gryphons.

The former Chatham product has always had a knack for the net, scoring 31 goals and 57 points in 50 games in his last season of Junior A in the OJHL, and being a top tier scorer while playing Junior A in the CCHL, MJHL, and SJHL in years prior.

With so much hockey behind him, Kenney only has one season left of OUA competition. It’s a thought that has come to mind more often for Kenney.

“Honestly, it’s not something you think about from year to year. Although, as this year has progressed, I’ve thought about it more and more. I think knowing that this could potentially be my last year is an exciting feeling but also an emotional one.”

“When starting my university career I was always told how fast it would fly by but never really understood what those guys were talking about. Being one year closer to the finish, I now understand what those past players meant. My career has flown by, and although I wasn’t able to do certain things the average university student was, I am extremely happy how everything turned out. My time here has been very special and I’ve created lasting memories that I will cherish forever both on and off the ice.”

Just because his University career is creeping toward a conclusion, doesn’t mean his hockey career is over. Kenney still has a passion for the game, and might continue his journey at the pro level.

“At this point I haven’t thought about what will happen when my University career is over. My first priority is to finish my business degree, while having a strong showing on the ice. I have some interest in pursuing my hockey career professionally, whether that be in Europe or in North America. I’ve talked to a few teams, but nothing will be clear until the end of next season.”

For now however, he’s looking no farther than the present, and playing for, and attending Guelph.

“I think for me, Guelph was everything I could’ve imagined. From the athletics to the academics I knew Guelph was somewhere I could go to further both my hockey career and my academics. Shawn Camp and our coaches truly take pride in ensuring that our academics are at the forefront, which was something that was very important to me when making my decision. I think for any athlete who is trying to get that academic and sports balance, Guelph is second to none. Guelph has given me the tools and skills that I will need when choosing to either further my hockey career or be a business professional. For that, I am truly grateful.”

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