Bryce Fraser’s Love For Sport Leads To His Podcast: Entering The Sports World

Host Bryce Fraser (right) speaking to NHL skills coach Darryl Belfry

Bryce Fraser has always loved sports. Since a young age, he’s loved hockey and baseball, among other sports.

Now, Fraser is using that love for sports, and his education at Lambton College, where he studies Sports and Recreation Management, to run his own podcast, called Entering The Sports World.

“I decided to start my own podcast after one of my class projects was to start a business and I thought making a podcast would be an easy one, because of how much I enjoy listening to the Spittin Chiclets Podcasts.”

A Chatham-Kent product, Fraser’s podcast focuses on professions in the sports world, excluding being an athlete.

After brainstorming some ideas… I then decided enough is enough and started messaging connections I have in the sports world to see If they’d even be interested in the first place. Since so many people were willing to do the show I decided it’s go time and got to work,” he stated about starting the podcast.

Fraser is also enjoying learning from his guests. He’s worked as an intern with the OHL’s Sarnia Sting recently, but as a student still himself, he’s interested in gaining industry knowledge in the sports and recreation fields.

“Even though I’m hosting the show I’m still just entering the industry myself, which makes hearing this advice first hand so much better.”

There are many podcasts analysing games and players, but Fraser chose to take a different angle on the sports world, looking behind the scenes.

“My reasoning behind that decision was to give people who are interested in joining the sports world a look into some of the jobs that people have, as well as a look at their own personal story. I also think there’s a large amount of podcasts where the focus is the athletes and I’m a fan of those podcasts myself, but I thought having a podcast that talks with people who work in the “behind the scenes” part of the sports industry would be really interesting as well.”

And it has been, as Fraser has seen a steady stream of listeners, and viewers, since the Podcast is primarily hosted on YouTube and Instagram.

When it comes down to it, Bryce Fraser loves sports, and he has from a very young age.

“My love for sports came from a young age where honestly I used it as a way to make friends. I can still remember one of my neighbours who was I’d say 35 or so dressed up in full goalie gear and he encouraged me to come play and just try the game, and from there I really found my first love of sports and especially hockey,” he said.

“Since then sports have been a way for me to make friends and I still am friends with a lot of those former teammates to this day. There is something about that game day feeling that has always just got me excited and it still happens to this very day.”

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