AUS Might Play Compete Regionally This Winter

While COVID-19 numbers are still soaring across Canada, the region most successful at keeping the virus at bay has been Atlantic Canada.

The Atlantic bubble’s success has sparked conversation about the potential for University sports, including hockey, to compete on a regional level this winter.

Chatham’s James McEwan (University of New Brunswick) and Marandee Hunter (St. Thomas University) would be the beneficiaries of this on the ice. Marley Blommers (Dalhousie) could return to the court if basketball returns.

“We’re pleased by the directive we’ve been given by our board of directors to allow a committee of dedicated individuals to explore possible options for AUS competition in the winter semester,” said John Richard, AUS president and director of athletics for UNB in a news release.

“As athletic directors, we are passionate about sport and we believe in its value not only to our student-athletes, but to our campuses and surrounding communities. We welcome the opportunity to seek out safe and viable ways to resume competition this season.”

“The remarkable success of the Atlantic Canadian bubble places our conference in a unique position nationally to consider options surrounding return-to-play,” said AUS executive director Phil Currie. “And while we approach this committee with great optimism, we also know that we must exercise caution and vigilance with respect to public health guidelines.”

The committee and AUS board will have a decision by mid-November.

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