Ready, Set, Play For Jessie McPherson

Vermont Catamounts women's hockey
Jessie McPherson (left) and her Vermont teammates

The wait is over for NCAA women’s hockey players, including Chatham’s Jessie McPherson, who is entering her rookie season with Vermont University.

“My experience so far in Vermont has definitely exceeded all my expectations,” said McPherson, who has been preparing both on and off ice with her teammates.

“I love everything about this place. The team has been amazing, the pace is pushing me to get better and the atmosphere is something special. The team is super positive and we are doing everything we can to make the best of the COVID situation.”

That will including opening their 2020-2021 season this coming weekend against UConn. NCAA sports have been returning to competition, and McPherson and the Vermont Catamounts have been skating regularly in preparation for the start of their season.

“I’m very fortunate to regularly be on the ice. I know many people still do not have that luxury and I am thankful everyday that we do. Everyone is taking precautions and staying safe so we can continue to have this luxury. It feels really good to be back on the ice competing at a high level and getting better everyday.”

Before learning of the seasons start up, McPherson and her teammates were already in a winning mindset, and will try to translate that to the scoresheet this weekend.

“My team has had a positive mindset throughout our time here, we show up to practice everyday with a championship level mindset and performance so that we can get better for ourselves, each other, and for our potential upcoming season.”

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