Practice Makes Perfect For Blain, Until A Season Begins

Camille Blain

This wasn’t the rookie season Chatham’s Camille Blain was expecting when she began her NCAA journey with Quinnipiac this year.

Since day one, it’s been a year of studying and practicing, and waiting for competition to begin.

“Last semester we had outdoor socially distanced practices on the turf, and this semester we have been having indoor socially distanced practices at our rec facility and will be moving outdoors once it gets a bit warmer,” Blain said of what she’s been doing during her first year. “If it were a normal year, we would be practicing at Yale University on their indoor and outdoor track.”

Although it’s been a quiet season in terms of competition, vaccine roll outs, and the outdoor track and field season approaching are giving hope to Blain and her Quinnipiac teammates, who are tentatively scheduled to participate in their first outdoor meet of the year on March 27.

“I’m very excited to get the chance to compete soon because it has been a long time coming. In March of last year, I had ankle surgery right before everything was shut down and I’m eager to get back on the track with my team.”

But that athletic readiness has come with challenges, as it has for almost every athlete at some point over the last year. But as restrictions continue to life, Blain is working hard to prepare for a season.

“Last semester we were only able to lift four times so when I went home over winter break, I did the Athletes Fuel Virtual Training to regain some of my strength. While at school, I stretch and roll out every night with the four other people in my suite who are on the track team. We have practice five times a week, and we lift twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We started hurdling this week and the volume of running is increasing to prepare us for the start of the outdoor season. It feels good to be back in a routine, balancing school and sports, because it motivates me to do my best work.”

One of the biggest factors for all athletes, including Chatham’s Camille Blain, has been striving to make the best of situations, and to continue to learn and develop through the pandemic. Blain herself, has stayed positive, and continued to look forward, to what is now the not so distant future.

“Living through this Pandemic has taught me the importance of living in the moment. Having a break from sports gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life and what I want to achieve in the future. I now think that I have a better understanding of what my goals are and I’m ready to accomplish them.”

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