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espc pain court patriotes

The Pain Court Patriotes (ESPC) were the only Chatham-Kent school to capture multiple titles at the Annual Pain Court Junior and Senior Badminton tournament’s this past weekend. Below you’ll find top finishers in each division from the tournament played in Pain Court:


Pain Court Junior Badminton Invitational – Friday March 25th 2011
Mixed Doubles :
1st – Cindy Mineau and Evan Pepper (ESPC)
2nd – Ben Hurtubise and Émilie Gagnon-Caya (SFX)
3rd – Brent Moody and Melissa Phan (LDSS)
Boys Doubles : 1st – Jake Fehr and Todd Jones (LDSS)
2nd – Chris Krulicki and Jeeric Penales (LDSS)
3rd – Tyler Symons and Joseph Daher (L’Essor)
Girls Doubles : 1st – Monica Leng and Lauren Medbury (LDSS)
2nd – Myah Robillard and Jenna Nylor ( BRDHS)
3rd – Jessica Sylvestre and Kristabelle Pineault (L’Essor)
Boys Singles : 1st – Andre Pinsonneault (ESPC)
2nd – Kaylobe Derynck (ESPC)
3rd – Asthon McInnis (L’Essor)
Girls Singles : 1st – Jaclyn Woelk (LDSS)
2nd – Alyson Bierling (CCHS)
3rd – Sarah Tessier (SFX)


Pain Court Senior Badminton Invitational – Saturday, March 26th 2011

Mixed Doubles : 1st – Luc Brisson, Cassandra Faubert (ESPC) 21-10, 21-11
2nd – Rachel Wigle, Michael Osborn (KDHS)
3rd – Chelsea Eade and Joe Deshaw (RDHS)
Boys Doubles : 1st – Johny Krahn, Shane Mcgorman (Belle River DHS) 21-19, 21-18
2nd – Dat Dang, Thomas MacDonald (Catholic Central HS)
3rd -Sébastien Sadler, Ricky Coomber(ESPC)
Girls Doubles : 1st – Nicole Rossignol, Audrée Rossignol (ESPC)21-11, 21-4
2nd -Karlee Driedger, Elyse Epp ( UMEI)
3rd – Sara Boersma & Nicole Dilliott (RDHS)
Boys Singles : 1st -Ryan Phan (LDSS)21-14, 21-18
2nd – Justin Mayer (ESPC)
3rd – Jake Huiting (TDHS)
Girls Singles : 1st – Hanny Chen (SandwichSS)
2nd – Julie Koopmans (CCHS)
3rd – Ashley Simond (TDHS)

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