Maybe Next Year – The Toronto Mentality

Chatham-Kent Baseball Column by Eric Smit

“Maybe next year….’ I call it the Toronto mentality. Whether it be the Maple Leafs, Raptors, or in this particular case the Toronto Blue Jays, the sports teams of Toronto just can’t seem to get it together.

It was only a few years ago that J.P Ricciardi had assured fans that we were in a rebuilding stage and 2010 was going to be ‘the year.’ In 2009 that date had seemingly been pushed back. In 2011 there is no longer a set date for Toronto to be competitive. I understand that the Blue Jays are in the toughest division in baseball. However, this year had promising opportunity for the club to seriously upgrade talent. Offloading the massive contract that had been given to Vernon Wells offered the club the chance to go out and really bring in some talent. Instead, we sign slugger (and I use the term loosely) Jose Bautista to a multi-year deal worth approximately 60 million dollars (not too far off the entire clubs yearly salary). This is an individual that has proven himself for only ONE season in the MLB. Never in his history has he had stats that warrant a contract of this magnitude prior to last season.

The loss of Roy Halladay was felt by all Blue Jay fans, but how about the loss of Shaun Marcum? With Marcum out of the Blue Jays rotation, where does it stand? Albeit, there really is some talent in the Jays starting rotation, it is in no way as strong as it was when led by Halladay with Burnett, Marcum, McGowan, and Litch; arguably the best starting rotation in baseball at the time.

Will this be the Blue Jays year? A short time will tell…but sadly, I believe I too will soon be saying ‘Maybe Next Year….’

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    Apathy 11 years

    It’s apathy. People go because it’s tradition in Toronto. If they’re dumb enough to keep paying big money for tickets, and providing enough of a base to keep money in the team’s pocket, then the team will be dumb enough to spend without consequence. Maybe next year people will be smart enough to stop cheering for Toronto. Lets go Red Sox!

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    Dan Stephenson 11 years

    100% agree with your opinion on the Bautista contract. I really like Alex and most of his moves this year. The trading of Wells and his contract was thought to be impossible and for a brief minute I figured the Jays organization finally had someone clever at the top. However, the Bautista contract could end up being even worse than the Wells contract. Bautista isnt 26 just hitting his stride. He has been a career 4th outfielder until the Jays got em and had no better OF options. The power is going to be there, but lets be realistic, 35 HR is probably where he ends up, along with a dismal .260 avg at best. If anyone noticed, 80% of Bautista’s dingers last year were pulled into the LF bleachers. Pitchers will learn and pitch him on the outside corner and until he proves he can hit HR to opposite field this contract is actually worse than the terrible contract of one, Vernon Wells.