ESPC Wins 4 of 5 at Tilbury Badminton Tournament

ESPC Pain Court Patriotes

In each of their tournaments this year, the Pain Court (ESPC) Patriotes badminton team has won a majority of the divisions, including Wednesday in Tilbury. At the annual Tilbury Senior Badminton Invitational, the ESPC team took home each division except for Senior Girls Singles which was won by CKSS’ Kailey Houston.

Below you’ll find the top finishers from the Tilbury Senior Badminton Invitational:

Boys Singles

1. Avery Speller (ESPC)

2. Nate Parent (CKSS)

3. Brooks Shepley (JMSS)

Girls Singles

1. Kailey Houston (CKSS)

2. Ashley Simond (TDHS)

3. Rachel Varga (JMSS)

Boys Doubles

1. Ricky Coomber & Seb Sadler (ESPC)

2. Sam Postma & Michael Wymenga (CCHS)

3. Zach Podzorski & Cody Earle (CKSS)

Girls Doubles

1. Cassandra Faubert & Emily Pepper (ESPC)

2. Whitney Martin & Haley Piett (JMSS)

3. Karen Aitken & Brianne Bigelow (RDHS)

Mixed Doubles

1. Paige Coyne & Luc Brisson (ESPC)

2. Kelsey Udvari & Michael Woods (JMSS)

3. Nicolle Dupuis & Evan Lowes (TDHS)

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