Chatham-Kent Athletes Walking a Mile in Her Shoes

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - Men in Heels - Photo by Lisa Norwood

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - Men in Heels - Photo by Lisa Norwood

Did you know that there are higher incidences of domestic violence during sporting events such as the NHL playoffs? In fact, when a team is expected to win, and they lose, domestic violence rates increase by roughly 10%.

These are the facts that were brought to the Chatham-Kent Sports Network by Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre employees, and local Walk a Mile in Her Shoes organizers, Tammy Foster and Sarah Fraleigh. Not only did they stress that domestic violence increases while watching sports, but also that often times, athletes themselves have an increased tendency to commit acts of domestic violence.

The question then came up, what can athletes and coaches in Chatham-Kent do? To help spread awareness and raise funds, I pledged to organize a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes team featuring local athletes and coaches. In addition to this, it was the hope of the Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre, that CKSN, and coaches and athletes from across the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, could form a long term alliance that would support victims, stand up against all forms of domestic violence, and promote healthy relationships in our communities.

That is why this September 11, when the Walk a Mile event takes place, it is the intention of the Chatham-Kent Sports Network and the Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre, to have a group of athletes and coaches, walking in red high heels, and their team uniforms, to show the support of the local sports community.

Players can be tough on the ice, field, in the cage, or on the court, and not abuse women, or anyone for that matter. It’s a simple thought really. And what better way to show this understanding than to have hockey, football, baseball, rugby, basketball, MMA, karate, and soccer players, fighters, and participants walking together, raising money for, and showing that we as a sports community support this cause, want to spread awareness, promote healthy relationships, and will not put up with domestic violence.

Here’s my challenge. If you’re reading this, and your organization is not participating with our “team” on September 11, join us. Email me at, via our Contact Form, or leave a comment in the space below, and tell us you’re in!

So far, along side myself, local coaches and athletes from the Chatham-Kent Cougars football team, the Chatham Jr. B Maroons, Tiger Paw Martial Arts in Wallaceburg, Wallacburg Jr. C Lakers, Blenheim Jr. C Blades, a WDSS high school coach, Wallaceburg Lacrosse, and ex-NHLer Todd Warriner have joined our team. It’s a start, but it’s not enough.

Imagine the message we will be sending to young boys across Chatham-Kent when they see the prominent local athletes they look up to, that they know are tough competitors on the field, ice, and court, walking in red high heels, showing that under no circumstance, is domestic violence in any form acceptable. Imagine that message.  

If you’d like to donate to our team on behalf of your sports organization or if you just want to help, please feel free visit this link and pledge the “CKSN” team!

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