TSN's Kate Beirness Excited for First Tour Stop in Wallaceburg

Kate Beirness TSN

Kate Beirness - Photo courtesy of TSN

With less than a week to go before the Kraft Celebration Tour arrives in Wallaceburg, the excitement and buzz surrounding the event is building on every street in Wallaceburg and across Chatham-Kent. Local residents, however, aren’t the only one’s excited for Wallaceburg’s stop on the Kraft Celebration Tour.

For TSN anchor Kate Beirness, Wallaceburg will mark her first ever destination on the Kraft Celebration Tour,

“I’m incredibly excited to be on the Kraft Celebration Tour for first time. I remember watching for the last two years and thinking how cool it was to go to all these communities and small towns,” said Beirness.”I knew it would be a tight race betweenTrentonand Wallaceburg, and to see two towns manage a million votes was outstanding, but Wallaceburg fully deserves this. It’s a lacrosse hotbed and I know Wallaceburg will be an incredible first stop.”

Beirness, who said the closest she’s been to Wallaceburg was Chatham for a basketball tournament while in high school, is looking forward to seeing new towns such as Wallaceburg, but understands the real importance of the Kraft Celebration Tour is what it brings to each community. For Wallaceburg, that boost has come in the form of community pride, not to mention the $25,000 award for an outdoor lacrosse facility,

“The Kraft Celebration Tour is an amazing way to see our country. I’ve never seen the East Coast,” explained Beirness. “But I’m more happy to know what we’re bringing to each town. I know how much it means to these small towns.”

Although much talk has surrounded Beirness’ challenge to complete a ‘Large Marge’ burger at Big Chief Drive In while in Wallaceburg, Beirness and fellow anchorDarren Dutchyshen, will also take part in several other community activities, including making a stop at the town’s Lacrosse Expo which will run from 10am until 3pm on the back campus of Wallaceburg District Secondary School August 20.

“I do have a lacrosse stick,” said Beirness about potentially picking up a stick and playing lacrosse while in Wallaceburg. “I haven’t played since high school so I’ll have to break it out and practice some skills.”

Beirness said she knows her first stop on the Kraft Celebration Tour will be memorable because of the success Wallaceburg was able to achieve in setting the all-time Kraft Celebration Tour voting record with more than 593,000 votes,

“I think that’s the greatest thing ever,” Beirness said about Wallaceburg’s ability to achieve such a large number of votes as a small town.” When I saw the vote I was floored. The town should be incredibly proud.”

“On top of the live TSN broadcast you also get $25,000 from Kraft to update the tennis courts to a lacrosse and sports facility too. I think it’s an incredible thing for Wallaceburg.”

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    What a great opportunity to show Kate and Dutchy the true heart of the people of Wallaceburg and the greater Chatham-Kent community. What a blessing for our community to have this celebration!

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    I am excited for the opportunity to provide photographic coverage, step by step, all the way for Kate, Dutchy and Team TSN – can’t wait to welcome you all to my home town of Wallaceburg “The Heart of Chatham-Kent”! Steve Brent