Tiger Paw Martial Arts Brings Home 8 Golds from IMMAF Event in London

Chuck Stuart of Tiger Paw Martial Arts - Photo by Ali Stuart

Nine students from Tiger Paw Martial Arts attended the big national tournament held in London on the weekend hosted by the International Modern Martial Arts Federation, and by Dr. Steve Stewart 8th Degree Black belt, Chairman of IMMAF Canada.

Results from the Tiger Paw Martial Arts team are listed below:

Samantha Stokes, 17, 1st Brown belt – Silver in “Sparring”, Silver in “Team Sparring”, Bronze “Competition Team”, Bronze in “Self Defence Techniques”

Chuck Stuart, 13, Purple belt – Gold in “Self Defence Techniques”, Gold in “Forms”, Silver in “Weapons”, Silver in “Sparring”, Bronze “Competition Team” 2/2/1

Inaka Klomstra, 11, Blue Advanced – Silver in “Self Defence techniques” 0/1/0

Madison Crawford, 10, Blue belt – Gold in “Self Defence techniques” 1/0/0

Nancy Hsiung, 10, Purple belt – Gold in “Form”, Gold in “Weapons”, Gold in “Self Defence Techniques” Bronze “Competition Team”, Medal in “Obstacle Course” 3/0/1

Stephanie McKenney, 10, Orange belt – Gold in “Sparring”, Bronze in “Forms”, Bronze in “Weapons”, Bronze “Competition Team” , Medal in “Obstacle Course” 1/0/3

Senna Sands, 9, Purple belt – Silver in “Forms”, Silver in “Weapons”, Silver in “Self Defence Techniques”, Bronze “Competition Team”, Medal in “Obstacle Course” 0/3/1

Adriaan Zandvliet, 8, Orange Advanced – Gold in “Forms”, Bronze in “Sparring”, Medal in “Obstacle Course” 1/0/1

Colm McGivern 6, White belt – Silver in “Forms”, Silver in “Weapons”, Medal in “Obstacle Course” 0/2/0

With roughly 200 competitors at the tournament from all over Ontario and Michigan, Wallaceburg’s Tiger Paw Martial Arts had a strong and winning presence, taking 8 gold medals in their divisions, 10 silver medals and 9 bronze.

27 medals for a small club in Wallaceburg earned by 9 of Tiger Paw students.

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