David Tran Leads Chatham Pool Sharks at Meet

This past weekend the Chatham Pool Sharks spent many hours at the London pool competing against some really tough competition at the Hollandia Spring LC Invitational.

The Pool Sharks had some outstanding swims and leading the Chatham swimmers with hardware was 9 year old David Tran, bringing home 8 medals (5 of them being gold in the 10/under boys division).

Other Chatham Pool Sharks Highlights from the Meet Include:

  • Jake Landriault was swimming his heart out in every event but somehow kept on missing the regional cut by a small margin. It came to the last and final race and he gave everything he had in the 100 Fly and ended up qualifying for his first ever regional championships as well as receiving a Bronze medal.
  • Madelaine Tran, who just like Jake, swam every event and kept on missing the regional standard. In her last event she was able to take off over 20 seconds to qualify for her first ever regional championships as well. Madelaine is only 7 years old and she made the 9/under standard. Coach Reg believes that she is the youngest CYPS swimmer to ever qualify for the regional championships.
  • Celia Nogueira was also in the 100 fly and it was the last and final chance for her to make regionals. She took off enough time to get the regional cut. This is her first time making the regional 9/under girls standard.
  • Michelle St. Pierre had a race she will never forget. She has improved so much since starting with the Sharks earlier this year and has managed to get her first ever regional cut as an 11 year old girl in the 100 free.
  • Carolyn Tran had a great weekend. She was in the 200 breastroke and a swimmer from OAK beat her for the gold medal. On Sunday it was the 100 breastroke and Carolyn was going into finals ranked 2nd next to the same swimmer who beat her in the 200 breastroke. She was able to fight through the pain of the race and out touch the OAK swimmer by .02 for the gold medal.

Top 8 performances

Madison Broad- 6th 50breast, SILVER 50back, 8th 50fly, 5th 200IM, 8th 400free, 100breast and 4th 100backBrock Carlson- 8th 50free, 7th 100free, 4th 100breast, 8th 100back
Kristopher Chauvin- 6th 50backTyler Cummings- 4th 50breast, 6th 200breast, 5th 100breast
Nicole Depooter- 8th 50breast, 6th 50back, 8th 100back, 8th 400IM
Joslyn Dunlop- 5th 50back, 7th 200back
Jack Gillis- 5th 50free, 4th 50back, 100back, 50fly, BRONZE 100free, GOLD 100breast, GOLD 100fly
Jacob Landriault- 5th 100free, 8th 100breast, BRONZE 100fly
Zach McGlynn- 7th 50free, 6th 50fly, 400free, 4th 100free, BRONZE 100back, SILVER 50back
Genevieve Sasseville- SILVER 50fly, 5th 100fly
Chuckles Schepanowski- 5th 50breast, 8th 200breast, 8th 100breast
Carolyn Tran- 8th 100free, 6th 50free, 4th 200IM, SILVER 200breast, GOLD 100breast, SILVER 50breast
David Tran- 5th 50breast, BRONZE 50back, SILVER 50free, SILVER 50fly, GOLD 200im, GOLD 100free, GOLD 400free, GOLD 200free, GOLD 100back
Matthew Vasey- 6th 100fly

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