Ryan Jones Re-Signs With Edmonton Oilers

Ryan-Jones-2Chatham’s Ryan Jones will be staying put, after resigning with the Edmonton Oilers. The 29-year-old became an unrestricted free agent Friday, but signed a one-year contract a day later to stay in Edmonton.

“I’m really excited. It’s no secret that I love being in Edmonton and love playing for Edmonton,” Jones said in an Edmonton Oilers news release. “Going into this free agency, our main priority was to get a deal done back with Edmonton and I’m extremely happy and glad to have got that done.”

Jones will be entering his fourth full season with the Edmonton Oilers. He scored 18 goals in 2010-2011, and 17 in 2011-2012, before dropping drastically last season to 2 goals in the lockout, and injury shortened season. Jones, now healthy, however, is looking to be an agitator and contribute offensively again next year.

“The eye injury left me a little bit tentative on the ice and that’s not a game that I can play,” said Jones on the Oilers website. “I need to become a menace when I’m out there, be hard to play against, always be around the net and just be a guy that when the other team leaves the ice they don’t enjoy when you’re out there. That’s one thing I’m going to work hard at this summer is get into physical condition to be able to do that and when next year comes around I’ll put it in my mind that that’s player I want to be and that’s the player I need to be to help this team move forward.”

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