Five Questions With Jared Hansen

Jared Hansen (left) with brother Jacob, after winning the 2014 Kent 'A' basketball final

Jared Hansen (left) with brother Jacob, after winning the 2014 Kent ‘A’ basketball final

Jared Hansen is an 18-year-old basketball and volleyball player from Blenheim, Ontario.

A Harwich-Raleigh Public School graduate, Hansen currently stars for the Blenheim District High School Bobcats Senior boys basketball team.

Below are Jared Hansen’s answers to CKSN’s Five Questions:

1. What is your career sports highlight/top memory?

Winning Kent in grade 11 and just this last weekend for basketball.

2. Who is your favourite professional sports team and athlete?

Toronto Raptors and Tim Duncan.

3. If you could achieve one thing/goal in sports, what would it be?

Go to OFSAA this year.

4. Who has been your biggest sports influence and why?

Gary Aitken when he coached me for hockey, just because he taught me a lot about the importance of confidence and how to play through mistakes. Also, Coach Kistulincc for teaching me the game of basketball. As well, Mr. Hendrie for coaching me in volleyball and teaching me about leadership on and off the court.

5. What do you love most about playing sports?

I love that when I play sports I’m able to put other issues, whatever they may be from my life, behind me for a bit and just do what I love to do. Also, making great friends through being on a team.

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