Mayor Hope Congratulates April Fool’s Creation, Mitchell’s Bay Mariners

CKSN's April Fool's creation, the Mitchell's Bay Mariners

CKSN’s April Fool’s creation, the Mitchell’s Bay Mariners

Last night at Chatham-Kent Municipal council, Mayor Randy Hope drew looks from media and the rest of council when he congratulated the community of Mitchell’s Bay for being awarded a Junior C hockey team.

Whether he was serious, as multiple sources in attendance claim, or joking, the Mitchell’s Bay Mariners Junior C hockey team, unfortunately, won’t be playing outdoor games any time soon.

The Mariners, with their intermission fishing shanty’s, and perch filled concession stand, were simply an April Fools creation of the Chatham-Kent Sports Network.

You can read the full story here: Mitchell’s Bay Awarded Junior C Hockey Team

Mayor Hope however, wasn’t the only one caught in CKSN’s April Fool’s joke. The story quickly reached more than 10,000 people on Facebook and thousands more on Twitter. We’re also told the staff of the Wheatley Sharks Junior C hockey team were quite upset when they heard the news.

The story itself caused our email inbox to be flooded with questions, and asking for verification.

Well, if you didn’t get the joke from owner “Rod Reel’s” (middle name “&”) comments, all the proof you needed were written in the tags at the bottom of the story, which said “April Fool’s.”

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