Through Daniel’s Lens: A Fight To The Finish

A Wallaceburg Tartan Kicks The Ball during warm up Photo: Daniel Swan

A Wallaceburg Tartan Kicks The Ball during warm up Photo: Daniel Swan

May 21, 2014:

It was a warm afternoon the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

The UCC Lady Lancers were taking on the Wallaceburg Tartans in The Championship game at UCC Field. At stake was the championship trophy and both teams wanted it badly.

I arrived at Ursuline College while warm up was underway and I did a warm up of my own by taking some shots of both teams warming up and getting ready for the big match.

At 4:00 PM the game was on and I could tell that playing in this heat was taking it’s toll on the girls, in fact it was so hot that a time out was called so the teams could re-energize with a drink.

It was almost the middle of the first quarter and the Lancers were on the board with the first goal and they didn’t look back after that, by the time I left they were up 19-0. I learned from my friend through a text message that the Lancers defeated the Tartans to clinch the championship trophy in a spectacular 25-5 finish.

Now being a spectator from the sidelines, I must tip my hat to the Tartans. They played a solid game and they worked very hard to get this far, way to go girls you guys did great this season I am very proud of how far all the teams I have covered have come in the game.

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