Council Candidate Brock McGregor Talks Chatham-Kent Sports

Chatham-Kent Civic Centre

Chatham-Kent Civic Centre

CKSN asked all candidates running for Chatham-Kent council and mayor, to give us their backgrounds in sports and recreation, and describe their goals and views for not only sports and recreation in Chatham-Kent, but making Chatham-Kent a healthier, and more active place to live.

The Chatham-Kent Municipal election day is October 27, 2014.

Here are council candidate Brock McGregor’s responses. McGregor is running for council in Ward 6 – Chatham.

1. Background in sports and recreation:

I have great memories of playing hockey, baseball, and football in Chatham Kent when I was younger – and still enjoy getting out to Erickson arena on Tuesday nights with the Maple City Mens’ hockey league. One of my first jobs was refereeing OMHA hockey in Chatham Kent, and umpiring baseball alongside my father for the Ontario Rural Softball Association.

A year ago we welcomed twin 7-year old boys into our family. Early on we got them involved in athletics and recreation in Chatham-Kent, including hockey, swimming, gymnastics, and soccer. I can’t thank the volunteer coaches, organizers, and administrators that run these organizations enough. Seeing our sons make their own memories in sports is rewarding as a parent, and the role organized athletics has had in their adjustment here has been phenomenal.

2. What specific ideas or goals do you have for Chatham-Kent, to improve or maintain recreational programs and facilities, and support our athletes and sports organizations? Or to help build opportunities for future growth in these areas?

We need to continue to support and maintain recreational infrastructure in Chatham-Kent. Facility and resource management need to be a priority in order to maintain accessibility for Chatham-Kent families. Promotion of active, healthy lifestyles, and the support of initiatives aimed at healthy living deserve municipal support. The trail network in Mitchell’s Bay, and Mud Creek are a great start, and I think we need to be open to other opportunities to develop spaces conducive to healthy community activity. With aging sports related infrastructure we need to focus on strategic renewal in order to avoid escalating costs in the future. Facility renewal cannot be continually delayed, it is an issue we need to address in the near future.

3. How will you work to make Chatham-Kent a healthier, more active place to live?

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I wake up and go to bed each day thinking about health. Chatham-Kent is notorious for its elevated levels of cancer and cardiovascular disease – part of the solution to this problem is a municipal response through promotion of healthy, active living, and support of programming and infrastructure that facilitates recreation. It starts with support for affordable and accessible recreation for youth, and continues with communities designed to promote healthy lifestyles and activity. I strongly support an Active Communities steering committee and believe council needs to fulfill its commitment to an active, healthy community.

There are incredible organizations in our communities involved in organized sports, as well as health promotion in general. These organizations deserve to play a role in future program planning and implementation. A healthier future in Chatham Kent needs to be built from the community level, with strong leadership and support from municipal government.

4. Anything else you’d like to add?

Healthy, active communities are fundamental in attracting innovative people to our municipality, and promoting social and economic growth. Athletics and recreation are at the core of community health. If we are serious about tackling the health issues in our communities, council needs to re-commit to a vision of a healthier, more active Chatham-Kent. Communicating goals and values is only the first step in making health a priority – it is time for action.

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    ElemTeacher 7 years

    Poignant and clear answers to important questions. A proactive approach is the best approach.

  • comment-avatar
    GoodAnswers 7 years

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. A progressive community starts with a healthy community.