Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings: Week 10

Essex and Lakeshore - Great Lakes Hockey League

The Lakeshore Canadiens and Essex 73s, seen competing here, remain the top dogs in the Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League – Photo by Ryan Scott Photography

Week 10 of the Junior C Great Lakes Hockey League schedule saw some major shuffling. The Essex 73s and Lakeshore Canadiens however, again look to be the top dogs in the league. Mark Hagerman runs down the list in this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League.

#1 EsEssex-73s-Logosex 73’s / Last week #1

The 73’s find their place halfway through the season with consistency and discipline.
Record: 17-1-1-1



#2 Lakeshore Canadiens / Last Week #2

The Canadiens may be close to cracking the code of the 73’s, Lakeshore is well on track to establishing consistency on the bench.
Record: 14-6-0-1


Amherstburg-Admirals-Logo#3 Amherstburgh Admirals / Last week #3

The Admirals would see in one showing this week that submission to infraction enhances dominance in production.
Record: 12-8-0-0



Wheatley-Sharks-Logo #4 Wheatley Sharks / Last week #6

The Sharks get straightened around with hard work and focus. Wheatley is always a threat at home or on the road
Record: 10-8-0-2


Blenheim-Blades-Alternative-Logo #5 Blenheim Blades / Last week #4

Blenheim is a work in progress, consistency will be the key to get the Blades ready for a solid playoff run.
Record: 11-10-0-0



Dresden-Kings-Logo#6 Dresden Kings / Last week #5

Dresdan is another team improving on a solid foundation. The Kings continue to take positive steps towards the playoffs.
Record: 10-9-2-0


#7 Alvinston Flyers / Last week #7

A tough week for the Flyers coming up on the short side of two solid opponents. As disheartening as one goal games are, they are further
proof of how tight the division is.
Record: 6-12-0-1


Wallaceburg-Lakers-Logo #8 Wallaceburg Lakers / Last week #9

Wallaceburg is not a team to be taken lightly. The Lakers continue to work teams hard through three periods.
Record: 5-11-0-3



Mooretown-Flags-Logo #9 Mooretown Flags / Last week #8

The Flags would finish up a busy week down two or three goals. Mooretown is moving forward with positive results under the new Head Coach.
Record: 5-13-1-0



What do you think of this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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