Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings: Week 13

John Montgomery - Dresden Kings

John Montgomery and the Dresden Kings have undergone a coaching change this week. Will they be able to turn things around? – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

Week 13 of the Junior C Great Lakes Hockey League schedule is in the books, with struggles mounting for teams such as the Dresden Kings and Mooretown Flags. Will they be able to turn it around? Mark Hagerman runs down the list in this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League Power Rankings.

#1 EsEssex-73s-Logosex 73’s / Last week #1

Essex still leads the division but a week off between games would prove a weakness to the 73’s as the Flyers would pay them a visit and test them all the way through to a shootout.
Record: 21-2-1-1

Amherstburg-Admirals-Logo#2 Amherstburgh Admirals / Last week #3

The Admirals continue their journey of success through discipline. Picking up six points this week would have them closing in on the 73’s only eight points back.
Record: 18-8-0-0




#3 Lakeshore Canadiens / Last Week #3

Splitting four games down the middle this week the Canadiens are starting to see the parity in the division as the lesser adversaries push for playoff positions.
Record: 16-10-0-1


Blenheim-Blades-Alternative-Logo #4 Blenheim Blades / Last week #5

The Blades continue to make adjustments to their lines searching for consistency on the scoreboard. Time will tell if Blenheim can live up to the pre-season hype.
Record: 15-11-0-0



#5 Alvinston Flyers / Last week #6

There is no doubt that every team in the division is keeping a close eye on the Flyers. Alvinston has surely discovered that success in the league will follow solving the 73’s offensive attack.
Record: 11-13-0-2


Wheatley-Sharks-Logo #6 Wheatley Sharks / Last week #5

The Sharks would split their meetings this week coming up short to a hungry Flyers team. Wheatley is always full of surprises as the season nears the playoffs.
Record: 13-11-0-2


Dresden-Kings-Logo#7 Dresden Kings / Last week #7

Dresden in a mid season slide will look to coaching changes to get them back on track. The Kings ice a solid roster with a compliment of youth and experience. Can the new coach get them back on track?
Record: 11-12-2-0


Wallaceburg-Lakers-Logo #8 Wallaceburg Lakers / Last week #8

The Lakers failure to collect any of the possible six points this week is a misrepresentation of the good things happening in Wallaceburg. The Lakers are still my pick for spoiler team.
Record: 5-16-0-3



Mooretown-Flags-Logo #9 Mooretown Flags / Last week #9

Frustration may best describe the situation in Mooretown. The Flags will need to re-group and establish common goals with a productive season being at the top of the list.
Record: 5-18-2-0



What do you think of this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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