Go Blades Go Sign Back Where It Belongs

Go Blades Go Sign Stolen

The stolen “Go Blades Go” sign has been returned to Blenheim, seen here in the Blenheim Blades dressing room – Contributed Photo

After an image surfaced this week of Amherstburg Admirals posing with a stolen “Go Blades Go” sign, which was usually hung on Blenheim’s community welcome sign, the “Go Blades Go” sign is back where it belongs.

The photo above was sent by a member of the Blenheim Blades organization of the Blades’ sign in the team dressing room.

Amherstburg team officials immediately launched an investigation into the sign after becoming aware of the photo which involved a number of players posing with the sign, many pointing their sticks like guns at the camera.

One Admirals player also used the “N-word” in comments on Instagram below the photo.

“We do not tolerate this type of behaviour and I can assure you that the guilty party will no longer be associated with our team,” wrote Amherstburg Admirals general manager to CKSN.ca after becoming aware of the issue.

Ewer also assured CKSN that none of Amherstburg’s coaching staff were aware of the sign being removed from Blenheim, and that their team bus did not stop to remove the sign.

While the team has yet to confirm, CKSN did receive reports Thursday afternoon that a member of the Admirals organization has admitted taking the sign, and that Amherstburg has cut ties with the individual.

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  • comment-avatar
    ken 7 years

    Too bad in todays society kids can’t have a little fun and for anybody that thinks it was anything more than that,, you’re an idiot!!!

    • comment-avatar

      Thanks Ken. I appreciate your kind words.

      I hope today’s society turns into a place where kids and adults alike don’t think stealing the property of others and using racist terms online is “a little fun.”

      I’d hate to see what a lot of fun is.

      Yours truly, the idiot (with three exclamation marks),


  • comment-avatar
    John 7 years

    Have to keep pointing out that the “n-word” was used and that they were “pointing their stick like guns”.. Such a biased article it’s unreal. I’m sure blenheim’s players were saying some nasty stuff as well but let’s leave that out right?

    • comment-avatar

      Our apologies, we thought racial slurs and theft were noteworthy.

      I have screenshots of the entire conversation, and believe it or not, the Blades kept things relatively clean.