Where Is Kraft Hockeyville $$

Kraft Hockeyville Chatham

Chatham Maroons’ “Superfan” Chad Peterson led the charge for Kraft Hockeyville. Council is waiting on reports for fund allocation – Photo by Helen Heath

CKSN.ca and 99.1 CKXS have both received multiple messages recently from local residents inquiring on the status of funds allocated to Chatham’s Memorial Arena, thanks to the Kraft Hockeyville contest.

Chatham-Kent council is currently awaiting reports outlining potential benefactors of the $100,000 for arena upgrades. The 99.1 news room has recently reported the potential for the $100,00 lump sum sitting to be used for a much bigger project or renovation. The funds may be targeted to be folded into the final payment.

Initial reports suggested the money would be used primarily to upgrade the sound system and signage at Memorial. Many local residents voiced their concern for the idea, although the plethora of upgrades needed at Memorial Arena carry a heavy overall price tag. A recent estimate of $4.8 million has been laid on potential upgrades to Memorial. A $100,000 win, as amazing as it is, doesn’t stretch very far.

After taking top honours among eastern communities, Chatham finished second to North Saanich, B.C. in the Hockeyville finale. C-K finished with 38% of the final vote after an amazing rally, led by Chatham Maroons superfan Chad Peterson.

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