Maple City Cage Fighting Tickets On Sale NOW!

MCCF debuts Oct 3rd in Chatham. Tickets are on sale this Thursday.

MCCF debuts Oct 3rd in Chatham. Tickets are on sale this Thursday.

The popularity of mixed martial arts has been nothing short of explosive this past decade.

Along with the TV coverage, pay-per-views and international success, MMA has taken on a life of it’s own in the Chatham-Kent market. With local schools on the rise over recent years, including the Gracie Barra Chatham academy, the latest breakthrough is the emergence of a C-K based MMA promotion.

Maple City Cage Fighting (MCCF) will make its debut on October 3rd with a live 14-fight amateur MMA card at the Chatham Banquet Hall on Merritt Ave (the former CAW Hall).

Thomas Armstrong, owner and instructor at Gracie Barra Chatham and the founder of MCCF, says the mission statement of the fight series is to provide the most prestigious amateur mixed martial arts events to give local fighters a place to start building their career with integrity and fairness.

“We’re all really excited for this. It’s a chance to build the amateur MMA ranks here locally and across Cananda,” said Armstrong. “We keep bringing up our own athletes and if they’re inclined to do so, they then have a chance to turn over into the pros.”

The work being done inside local gyms like Gracie Barra is eye-opening. The world of mixed martial arts or ‘cage fighting’ can often be tagged with a certain stereotype. Maple City Cage Fighting and their local competitors hope to rise above those stereotypes.

“It’s not a meat-head sport the way some people think,” says Armstrong. “They often compare Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to chess because it’s that complex. The same can be said on an even larger scale for MMA. For every action, there’s a reaction. You’ve got to constantly be thinking. The athleticism it takes to succeed in this world is unreal. It’s also one of the best forms of discipline you can learn AND it’s one of the best forms of self defence. There’s also no better way to get in shape, whether you’re looking to compete or just for a new challenge or a new work-out.”

Tickets are now on sale for Maple City Cage Fighting’s debut on October 3. Tickets are $30 for VIP, $20 for general admission. Get tickts at Gracie Barra Chatham – 989 Richmond St, in Blenheim at Dynasty Martial Arts (183 Chatham St.), in Dresden from Josh “The Ripper” Rich, Tickets are also available at 99.1 CKXS in Wallaceburg beginning Tuesday, August 25th.

 The event is open to all ages. For more info, check out Info on sanctioning and requirements are online at


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