Exciting Night At South Buxton Raceway

After last week’s race night was cancelled due to weather, Saturday’s races were definitely for the fans.

The track was fast and the drivers raced hard. The first feature race of the night left fans biting their nails as the 00 bomber car slid into turn two and was hit from behind which resulting in the car landing on its passenger side door. Morgan Dale climbed out of the car raring to get back in and finish the feature.

“I just kept telling them, get it back on its wheels I want to keep going,” she said following the race. It was a cracked front left lower control arm that ultimately ended the race for her that night.

Austin Pickering number 91 who finished second in his heat race, managed to keep control on the slick track for a feature win.

“This is what racing is all about folks,” said track announcer Jason Whittal following the Modified feature as 00 Jim Dale Jr. got his picture taken with his smiling grand-daughter Blake.

Finishing second in his heat, Dale Jr was able to get past No.3C Louis Clements to take a feature win. “That track was awesome, I loved it,” said a smiling Dale Jr.

“It’s been a good season for you so far,” said track announcer Whittal.

Dale Jr who also drives a Late Model at the track explains “ It’s been not bad Modified is fast, Just have to pick up the Late Model” Eager to get back into his car for the next feature, does so but not without challenging the track announcer to a race around the track.

Eric Vanderiviere had a very emotional win last night for the Sports Stock feature, filling in for his brother who was unable to drive due to injury. Eric donated his win to loved ones who have passed. Eric hasn’t held a checkered flag since his step father Harlow Haskell passed in May of 2015. Choking up he dedicated his win to his Step Father and Brett Brosseau who he recently lost in March.

Overcoming issues in the heat race when the steering shaft came off, his crew was able to make the necessary adjustments to send him straight to the winners circle.

“We’re here now and that’s all the matters – God bless,” an emotional Vanderiviere said before leaving the track to hug loved ones who were eagerly waiting for him.

It was a battle of the heat race winners during the Late Model Feature, both the 60 driven by Dale Glassford and RH21 car driven by Gregg Haskell starting at the back of their pack and quickly made their way to the front and did what they do best: they drove hard and put on a show for their fans.

After taking the win Glassford said, “He’s always biting at me, he’s a fast car and I don’t want to mess around with that guy. I’ll be chasing him all season, I can tell you that right now.”

Glassford who had eager fans waiting to take the winners circle photograph with him explained: “We have new people here, the fans are the best, they support us real well. I drive like crazy sometimes, but I do it all for you guys.”

Having taken his second feature win this season, the fans cannot wait to see who will win next weeks Late Model feature battle.

Number 27 Trevor Jones, the Mini Mod feature winner, explained he and his brother take turns each week driving, saying he will have to give up his seat next week. Thanking his sponsors, friends and family for helping him win tonight, the pressure is on to see if Shawn can bring home a feature win next week.

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