First Annual Sydenham Swim Camp Successful

Sydenham Swim Camp

Sydenham Swim Camp participants – Contributed Photo

The Wallaceburg Sydenham Pool welcomed a new program to it’s facility called Sydenham Swim Camp this spring, a successful nine-week program which recently came to a close.

The program saw 15 elementary school participants swimming twice a week for an hour each day.

“The goal from the very beginning of planning the Swim Camp was to get our youth active in the water, to improve their confidence in the water and to improve their stroke technique,” wrote coach Nancy Schinkelshoek, who was joined by Sarah Paulovics and WDSS senior student volunteers to run the program.

By the end of the camp, students were able to successfully complete flip-turns, proper dives and finishes, and beginning swimmers confidently swimming more than 40 lengths of the pool.

“Along with learning the practical swimming techniques, the students have shown a connection with each other in this experience,” said Schinkelshoek. “It has been fantastic to see students from different elementary schools learn together and build friendships. It has been an honour to be able to host a camp that encourages and inspires students to train with each other and support each other to achieve individual goals. Swimming is an environment that celebrates all at every level.”

The goal of the Sydenham Swim Camp was to encourage young students to continue swimming competitively, or taking swim lessons.

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