Dresden’s Lessard Earns Heroic Silver At Summer Games

UCC student Jayk Lessard of Dresden turned plenty of heads at the Ontario Summer Games in Mississauga. For several reasons.

Coached by Chris Parent, the head wrestling coach at the Pines, Lessard qualified for the games in May, earning the right to represent South Western Ontario.

Jayk competed valiantly at the games, winning his first four matches in the 115 kg weight class for boys 15 and under. Lessard was proving he belonged at the head of the class, competing against competitors from five other regions across Ontario. Jayk pinned his first four combatants and only left the competition after suffering a loss due to injury, breaking his arm at the beginning of his fifth bout.

Broken and bruised, Lessard earned a silver a medal. He was also awarded some silver screws and plates in his arm after surgery. Jayk is expected to be out of athletics for the upcoming season.

CKSN.ca congratulates Jayk Lessard and wishes him a speedy recovery, and all the best moving forward!

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