Krieger Finds His Fit

Ross Krieger OJHL

Ross Krieger with the OJHL’s North York Rangers – Photo by Andy Corneau / OJHL Images

For players making the jump between teams, and between leagues, it isn’t always a fit. For Pain Court’s Ross Krieger, it was easy to see he didn’t find the perfect fit moving from the GOJHL’s Chatham Maroons to the OJHL’s Georgetown Raiders to start the season, but that’s all changed now.

After spending the first month of the season with Georgetown, Krieger was traded to the OJHL’s North York Rangers, where he immediately fit in, and where he immediately began filling the net.

Prior to exploding with North York in his first Junior A season, including an 11-point in 5 game span in early December, Krieger found himself in a depth role, fighting for ice time, something the former Great Lakes Junior C rookie of the year, and GOJHL All-Rookie team member wasn’t accustomed to.

“That challenge (fighting for ice) was one thing I think every player should have to go through, it’s not easy at all, but it makes you stronger mentally,” said Krieger, who even found himself a healthy scratch with Georgetown. “Not getting as many chances, makes you take advantage of every chance, and not take it for granted. I think it has helped me as a player to become a depth guy, more defensively responsible, and always ready to go.”

With that behind him, Krieger is now a potent scorer with North York, and is blossoming into the NCAA Division I prospect many saw him as when he jumped to Junior A this season. Krieger was expected by many to score immediately after compiling 63 points in 61 games last season for the Maroons.

While a trade is never easy, for Krieger, it was exactly what he needed.

“It’s different (being traded), I’ve never been in a position like that before, so it’s new to me,” he explained. “I want to thank Georgetown for all they did for me there, it was a great spot. But I’m really enjoying it here in North York and know I’m in the right spot. It has worked out pretty well, I’m getting opportunities and that’s all I can ask for.”

Krieger has been known for making the most of his opportunities. From ‘AAA’ with the Chatham-Kent Cyclones, to Junior C with the Dresden Kings, Junior B with the Chatham Maroons, and now Junior A in North York, the 5’9″ forward has scored at every level. He’s now hoping he can show scouts and recruiters he’ll soon be ready to score at the NCAA level, which is why he jumped to the OJHL in the first place.

“The fact that the OJHL moves a lot of players on to where I want to get to one day is big in knowing I’m in the right league to get there also,” he explained. “It helps me gauge where I need to be, and what I need to do to get there. This season I would like to be the best player I can be and do whatever I can for North York. I would like to receive a scholarship and play NCAA Division I hockey in the future.”

If Krieger continues producing as he has recently, an NCAA program is bound to see him as a fit for the future, and come calling soon.

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