Blenheim Versus Dresden, Another Great Series Ahead

Kier Cumming Blenheim Blades

Kier Cumming of the Blenheim Blades is challenged by Dresden’s Cory Lucier – Photo by Wyatt Williams/

It seems like it’s almost every year the Blenheim Blades face the Dresden Kings in Junior C playoff action.

Last year, it was the Blades getting the better of the Kings in a 4-2 first round series win. This year, the Blades again come in as the favourites…err, or do they?

During the regular season, the Blades took the season series 3-2, but their last two meetings were a 4-0 Dresden win, and a 3-2 Blenheim overtime win, hardly a sure thing. Considering both of those happened in the last 10 days of January, the scale may be tipping toward Dresden. Blenheim has home ice advantage, finishing 4th, while Dresden was 5th.

One thing we do know, there will be large, faithful crowds at both locations. The cross Chatham-Kent rivalry is always close, and always exciting.

For the Kings, Dillon Liberty has been an almost unstoppable force this season scoring 77 points, including 45 goals in 38 games. Kevin Ritzer also had an incredible season racking up 26 goals and 66 points in 40 games. The offense up front, has been supplemented by a strong offensive output from overage defenseman Logan Purbrick. After the former Chatham-Kent Cyclones dman however, the offense from the backend greatly drops off. How much will the Kings need to rely on their top line? Hopefully not as much as some predict.

The Blades are deep up front. They were led in scoring by Kier Cumming’s 55-points this season, closely trailed by Nick Delyzer, who totalled 28 goals and 51 points. The key to the Blades however, is they had 8 players hit double digits in goals, and that doesn’t even include former top scorer Zach Horvath, who played only 24 games, but will be in the playoff lineup. The Blades are also deep with veterans on the blueline including former Kings defenseman John Montgomery and Kain Hopkins, and the likes of Owen Bateman and Brayden Seliga.

In net, Eric Stewardson (Blenheim) will face off against Joel Sowinski (Dresden). Neither have save percentages over .900, so it looks like a wash in net.

Will this series go more than 4 games? We’d be shocked if it didn’t. Will this series go 7 games? It wouldn’t surprise us.

Series Schedule

Game 1 – Thursday, February 2nd @ Blenheim – 7:00 PM
Game 2 – Monday, February 6th @ Dresden – 7:30 PM
Game 3 – Thursday, February 9th @ Blenheim – 7:00 PM
Game 4 – Friday, February 10th @ Dresden – 7:30 PM
Game 5 – Sunday, February 12th @ Blenheim – 7:00 PM
Game 6 – Wednesday, February 15th @ Dresden – 7:30 PM
Game 7 – Thursday, February 16th @ Blenheim – 7:00 PM

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