Week One at Buxton in the Books

Submitted by: Kerri Wright

May 13th was the 2017 opening night at South Buxton Raceway, the track was slick and the racing was fast.

South Buxton Raceway

South Buxton Raceway – Photo by ApexOne Photography/ James MacDonald

The first Feature race of the night was the Auto Tech Sales and Service Bombers and what a close race it was. The feature was a constant battle between Heat race winners Kyle Gill #87 and Carter Coles of the 2EZ. Gill who was the race feature winner, thanked his sponsors and family for their support on the car. Second place went to Coles. Backup rookie driver, Crystal Bolohan #15 drove an incredible race and landed a third place feature win.

The Sun Parlour Trailers Sports Stock Race had Doris Lajeunesse #38 in a race all of his own. Lajeunesse managed to remain the leader for the majority of the race, until being passed with a few laps remaining, by Willie Vyse #2. Luck was not on Vyses’ side as he was involved in a caution which allowed Lajeunesse to claim the race win. Lajeunesse who ran out of helmet tear-offs during the race, told track reporter Dean Outhouse that he enjoyed battling it out with Vyse. Waiting sixteen years for this win, he expressed excitement that tonights race held special meaning for him. An excited Lajeunesse thanked his sponsors and crew for the work they did on the car. Tyler Lozon #66 came in second and Rudy VanDeWynckel #6 took third place.

The Schinkels Gourmet Meats Modified feature was one for the fans. The racing was fast and the veteran racers fought hard for first place. Brian Speelman #22S and Eugene Hookstra #36 battled the majority of the race for the number one spot with Jim Dale Jr. #00 hot on their tails. It was a caution, with two laps to go, that gave Hookstra the chance he needed to take and maintain first place. Hoekstra explained to Dean Outhouse “The old dude’s still got it.” Dale Jr. claimed second place and Denis DeSerrano #69 took home third.

Dylan Wolters #54 was the Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Race leader for the majority of the feature, until a quick pass from Randy McKinlay #14 allowed McKinlay to take the lead. McKinlay who climbed from his 13th position start managed to avoid the track traffic and in his words, “Just put’er to the floor because it’s all or nothing” to overtake Wolters and drive right into the number one spot.

Chatham Pro Shop owner and former South Buxton racer Darryl Lucio was on hand to congratulate and present the top three winners with trophies. Elliot Wilton car #1 took home second place and Tim McKenzie #81 took home a third place win.

The final feature of the night was the West Side Performance Plus Late Models and all fan favourites were in attendance. Starting at the pole position was Dale Glassford #60. Glassford who had a tough battle, did exactly what his fans expected him to do. He maintained control of his car and sailed straight into victory lane. Glassford thanked his wife Laurie who drew his starting position. He was also thankful for the fans who braved Saturday night’s cool temperatures to watch their favourite drivers on opening night. Gregg Haskell #RH21 was your second place winner and Mike Lewis #05 claimed third.


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