Maple City Cagefighting Forced To Cancel Operations

After an extremely successful launch and several well received MMA events, Chatham’s Maple City Cagefighting has been forced to cancel all future plans for events citing legal issues in Ontario.

“I will not be able to host anymore MMA events in Chatham until some legal issues are sorted out,” Maple City Cagefighting organizer Thomas Armstrong wrote.

“All further events have been cancelled due to legal issues in Ontario. We would like to thank all the fans, fighters, coaches and staff for continued support over the years and hope that these issues are sorted out as soon as possible,” continued Armstrong.

The Statement from AMMAO is as follows:

“To the MMA community,as of July 1, 2017 the Ontario government has decriminalized most combat sports, however amateur MMA has been left out. The AMMAO is currently still in its PSO application process and has been given another task in order to comply and obtain PSO recognition. In order to stay compliant and respectful of current laws the AMMAO will hold off of sanctioning any events until this can be swiftly adhered to. We appreciate your continued support and will continue to strive to be the your number 1 amateur MMA organization. Collectively we are strong and together as a community we will achieve our goals. Thank you.”

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