Mid Season Championships at South Buxton

It was Mid Season Championship Night at South Buxton Raceway and the drivers did not disappoint. 

Jordan VanHal #06 was the Auto Tech Sales and Service Bomber Feature winner.  VanHal, who also placed first in the heat race, drove a fast race from the start said he “drove the car and prayed it worked”.  His prayers were answered as he collected his first place trophy in Victory Lane.  Carter Coles #2EZ who is no stranger to Victory Lane said the race was “ pretty hectic but fun, it was a competitive race”.

Coles thanked his family, crew, sponsors and fans for supporting him each and every week.  Morgan Dale #00 after having bad luck the last couple of weeks finally made it to Victory Lane to collect a third place trophy. Thanking her crew, family and sponsors she is hopeful she will make it to the Winners Circle a few more times this season.

Tyler Lozon #66 who is no stranger to the Winners Circle this season was the Sun Parlour Trailers Sport Stock first place champion.  Lozon, who was also the first place winner in his heat race, thanked his crew members for all their support.  He gave a special thanks to his Grandparents for giving him the opportunity to race each week.  Willie Vyse #2 received second place and Brad Bloomfield #11, brought home third.

The Schinkels Gourmet Meat Modified Feature had a familiar face in the Winners Circle, Darryl Hoekstra #36 (Driving for Eugene Hoekstra) was the first place winner.  Hoekstra, who said “ It’s been a long time since I’ve won here” thanked his family, fans and specifically his crew for helping him and his father week after week.  Mark Glassford #90, who drove two and a half hours from Bayfield Ontario, took home second place.  Glassford, who has been struggling this year, went back to a more basic setup on his car that will hopefully see him more in the Winners Circle.  Jim Dale #00 who placed third found his good luck charms Saturday night:  Wayne and Vicki Drew, after weeks of car issues he finally finished a race in the Winners Circle.  Dale, also thanked his crew members, sponsors and fans for supporting him each week.

Tim MacKenzie #81 was the Chatham Pro Shop Mini Mod Mid Championship Winner.  McKenzie, who collected his third Feature win of the season said, “You appreciate every win”.  MacKenzie, thanked all of his supporters and crew members.  Marshall Hereygers #31, after a slight bobble – which allowed McKenzie to sneak by, brought home second place and Elliot Wilton #01 brought home third.

“Hello South Buxton, I didn’t think I’d see you again” Dale Glassford #60 yelled at the end of the West Side Performance Plus Late Model Feature Race.  Glassford, who has had a string of bad luck, finally collected a Feature Win making him back to back Mid Season Feature Late Model Winner.  Mike Lewis #05 who sent prayers and warm wishes to fellow racer Tate O’Leary #28K who had his night come to an abrupt end following a hard caution.  Lewis, who tried a different setup on the car was happy to finish second and thanked his crew, family and fans. Brad McLeod (Driving for Paul Rivait) #11 took home third place.


By: Kerri Wright

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