Cougars Bringing Varsity Football Back To Chatham

Chatham-Kent Cougars

A strong JV program will be counted on to provide a foundation for the return of the Varsity Cougars this year – Photo by Dean Creechan/

After a year hiatus, the Chatham-Kent Cougars football club intends to again run a Varsity Football team in 2018, Cougars’ president Selwyn Jordan confirmed this week.

“Yes, our Chatham-Kent Cougars Football Club would like to run a Varsity team for the 2018 season,” Jordan said.

“We found that the high school league was very competitive last season. And we understand that a couple of high schools will not be running senior high school football this year, so playing Cougar Spring/Summer football might be an option to fill that void,” he explained.

Having strong age groups at the Bantam and Junior Varsity levels in recent seasons, should enable a successful return to OFC action, where the Varsity program won only one out of its last sixteen contests.

“We believe if we get good representation from the Chatham-Kent area, we will have a lot of success in the OFA league,” continued Jordan, regarding his confidence in the rebirth of the program.

In preparation, the Cougars are already advertising registrations, and are holding a meeting for all interested players. As well, the organization has put a coaching staff in place in preparation for the season.

“Mike Newman will be the head coach,” said Jordan. “Mike has many years experience with coaching at Blenheim high school working with Brian Pugh. And Mike has coached with Cougars Football for many years, most recently coached under head coach Cesar Torres.”

The mandatory meeting for those interested in playing Cougars Varsity football will be held January 24 from 8:00-9:00pm at Blazing BBQ Banquet Room in Chatham.

The meeting is to confirm players commitment to play Cougars Varsity football, as well as discuss next steps, and provide team information.

Eligible players are born in 1999, 2000, or 2001.

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