Upgrades Coming To Wallaceburg Arena Soon

The Wallaceburg Arena is going to get $2-million in upgrades this year, a decision that was passed by council earlier this year, and will not be impacted by ongoing budget deliberations.

The upgrades are scheduled to begin early in the spring, possible by April.

Wallaceburg Councillor Carmen McGregor recently spoke to 99.1 CKXS FM regarding the upgrades, describing the improvement scheduled for the arena.

“There would be some changes to the front lobby area, there will be some dressing rooms built on, there will be an elevator installed, and there will be an actual accessible viewing area,” McGregor explained.

“If you come in in a wheelchair that you can actually sit property and watch because right now you can’t get up to an area where you can get up to the glass, so there will be a proper area built in for that.”

Money for the upgrades is coming out of Chatham-Kent’s Lifecycle Budget.

Wallaceburg Arena is one of the most used in Municipality in terms of year round action, as it is operated for hockey and skating in the winter, and used for lacrosse through the summer months.

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