Pool Sharks Coach Selected To Participate In Mentorship Program

Brian Lindsay coach

Brian Lindsay (far right) stands with with Ron Jacks and then Markham Aquatic Club swimmer Mona Al Shari at the FINA World Junior Open Water 10k Championships in Welland, Ontario – Contributed Photo

For the week of April 15-21, CYPS Head Coach Brian Lindsay will be in Victoria BC, working alongside Canadian Olympic Open Water Coach Ron Jacks of UVic Pacific Coast Swimming. This is a program put on by the Canadian Swim Coaches Association.

Brian made application to receive mentorship from Ron and was selected by a panel of coaches. Here is a summary of what Brian will experience:

“Coaches observing Ron’s program will be able to get an insight into Open Water swimming and see the differences in training methods between it and distance swimming in the pool. They will also get a better understanding of the type of swimmer, both physically and mentally, that one might encourage to get involved in Open Water swimming. Our program has over forty years of international experience and is based on developing a work ethic along with sound training fundamentals. Coaches mentoring the program will see how World Championship and Olympic medals are able to be produced within a club environment. Mentors will watch how Open Water Swimming, an outdoor event can be experienced in an indoor environment. Feeding and racing strategies will also be presented. Along with the above, the rational of our distance and Open Water programs will be discussed.”

Ron coached 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Richard Weinberger.

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