New Junior C Overage Rule Will Have Local Impact

Brendan Johnston Dresden Kings

Dresden Kings goalie Brendan Johnston watches during weekend action against Blenheim – Photo by the Blenheim Blades

A new rule was passed by the OHA impacting overage players for Junior C teams.

The rule, will allow teams to trade overage players in the offseason, or entering a season, to teams who do not have the maximum number of four overagers.

For example, if one Junior C team had 6 overage players following their 20-year-old season, they could trade the 2 “extra” players to a team who has less than 4 so that these players could participate in their overage, 21-year-old season.

This rule will allow players who have been in the league an opportunity to continue playing for their final season of eligibility.

Currently the Wallaceburg Lakers and are under the 4 player cap with only Austin Bentley, Travis Moore, and Matt Tourigny eligible to return as 1997 born players.

The Blenheim Blades are also under the cap with Dede Cato, Drew Marlatt, and Steve Funk as their eligible overseers.

The Wheatley Sharks have 7 players entering their overage season, and the Dresden Kings have 6.

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    Frank 3 years

    You still must be on your current team’s roster as of December 1st.

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    Frank 3 years

    Dresden – Johnston, Spence, Tetzlaff, VandenBoorn, Lucier, Williams
    Lakeshore has Carter, Morneau, Sartor, Sartor, Ireland, Roasaasen, Filipovski,
    Amherstburg – Larder, Lenson, Bruns, Jennings, Campbell
    Essex – Ryan, Gaiarin, Staddler, Zelko, Wismer, Vieira
    Wheatley Gagnon, MacDonald, Pinsonneault, Enns, Pickersgill, Boyle, Butler, Lantin
    Petrolia Collins, Harris, McNally, Kaldeway VanEyk, Morgan Campbell

    Wallaceburg Bentley, Burchat, Moore
    Mooretown Rilery, Smith, Osborne
    Blenheim – Cato Marlatt, Funk