South Buxton Adding 7 To Hall of Fame

Seven new members will be inducted into the South Buxton Alumni Hall of Fame Saturday night. They are – Mike Bennett, Walter McLlroy, John McLlroy, Brett Reaume, Jimmy Jones, Tom Hazlett, and Garry Lemesurier.

Races begin as normal at 6:30pm.

In 1982 after many years working in journalism Mike Bennett decided to head to the track in person to see what stock car racing was all about. It was then that he changed the way racing was covered. Beginning his journalism career fresh out of high school, Bennett has worked all over South Western Ontario and continues to report from Blenheim Ontario.

“Just remember, it’s supposed to be fun” Hall of fame inductee Walter McLlroy said Thursday night when asked what advice he has for current drivers. Walter and brother John are both being inducted this weekend; they follow their brother Bob who was inducted last year. Both brothers began their racing career in the 1970’s racing all over South Western Ontario’s dirt tracks. It was a family affair, much like many current drivers, their mother attended every race and was their biggest fan. John looked up to Hall of Famer Gord Goetler and Walter had an unforgettable race with South Buxton Raceway founder Joey Atkinson.

Beginning in 1977, Brett Reaume made a career out of racing. With too many wins to recall, it was winning the 2004 Dirt Series that Reaume could best recall. Now, retired from driving, Reaume owns a part store in Blenheim Ontario – West Side Performance Plus, which also happens to sponsor the Late Model Features. When asked what it was like to watch his son Andrew race, Brett said:” I enjoy watching him, even when he was racing go-karts, I enjoyed sitting back and watching”

Jimmy Jones #34 still follows the same advice while racing at South Buxton “to make sure I have fun “ Jones, who has been racing since 1976,says his biggest accomplishment is that he is still doing what he loves : racing. A specific race in 1984 still comes to mind in Jones racing career. Jones recalls, “ I was the only Buxton driver to hold off the 7 11 car of Ron Herrington from Brighton Speedway, he came down one night to challenge us Buxton Boys”. Jones is now helping the Shake and Bake race crew as his grandson Cohen has begun sprint karts. “There is no one else I’d want my children to look up to, I’m super proud of their racing team” Shawna Deschryver, Jones’ Step Daughter said. Jones’ grandson is carrying on family tradition as the #34 every Tuesday night at South Buxton.

Beginning his career in 1973, Tom Hazlett’s advice for his grandkids is: “lets do It, I hope I can help”. Hazlett who has raced among this years inductees is mindful that the next generation needs to remember to work together and that in the end its all for fun. Having won countless firsts, its his love of the sport that Hazlett wants to express.

Garry Lemesurier began his career as a drag racer before completing one year as a dirt track racer. After having several drivers run for him, Garry Lemesurier decided in 2014, he would take over and run South Buxton Raceway with his wife Sherry. Owning 15+ cars, Lemesurier has watched many drivers grow.

John Pinsonneault #00 was the first crate motor Late Model to win a feature race at the speedway. Pinsonneault said “It was special to me that I won the track for being the first crate car to win at the track. He believed in me to run his 03 and he believed in me to put a crate car in victory lane” Chris Ross had this to say of his Step Father (Garry): “It’s a privilege to drive for him, he’s been involved in this sport since well before my time. From being a car owner to running the track now, he puts his heart and soul into it”.

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