Dorssers Wins Jamieson Golf Tour

Blenheim’s Owen Dorssers was crowned the overall Jamieson Junior Golf Tour Collegiate Men’s division champion Monday.

The season came to an end at Beach Grove Golf and Country Club, with Dorssers finishing 3-points ahead of second place Derick Hare and Bryce Hughes.

Dorssers, whose home course is Willow Ridge, finished 4th at Beach Grove, shooting a 76.

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    Lisa Dorssers 4 years

    Hi Ian

    I just wanted to say thank you for your sports columns on Owen Dørssers! I had multiple people respond to me about how his golf was progressing this season and it’s all because of you. As a parent you don’t like to ‘brag’ about your kids, but this way you did it for me! Thank you again, you put a pleasant perspective on it, keep up the good work.