Jessica Brooks: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the CK Election and Sports interview responses for Ward 4, council candidate Jessica Brooks. Remember to Vote October 22.

Name:Jessica Brooks

Hometown and Ward: Currently live just south of Dresden, in Ward 4

What’s your sports/recreation background?

I have been an athlete, high school PE teacher, athletic director and coach. My husband is currently coaching Chatham minor baseball and has done hockey as well. All three of our kids are active in sports at various levels.

What are your thoughts, or what value do you place in sports and recreation for the citizens of Chatham-Kent overall, and/or when showcasing Chatham-Kent to newcomers?

I think that sports and recreation are a huge factor when people choose a place to settle. I also think its a huge reason people choose to stay. I would like to see more recreation facilities (publicly owned trails, parks, activities, indoor pools, etc)

One of the hot topics leading up to the election, and over the past decade has been a new twin pad arena for Chatham-Kent. Where do you stand on this? What thoughts do you have?

I haven’t read too much about the new twin pad but I am hoping to hear that it is a multipurpose facility that has more than just ice. I am also wondering if this is going to replace some ice pads or are in addition to what we currently have. Upgraded facilities would be nice as we all know about the dressing room nightmares at the memorial. I am also wondering if CK is planning on getting more hotels in the area as beds sell out quickly when there are multiple tournaments (ie hockey and basketball) in town.

Do you have any other ideas or plans that would impact health, wellness, sports, or recreation in Chatham-Kent, and specifically in your Ward?

Specifically I would like to see the old tracks being use for recreation. Currently we have kids that ride motorized vehicles on farmers fields and roads. If there were given a safe place to ride (bicycles or motorized vehicles) like the old tracks, I think that would be an assets to the town.

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers and voters?

In terms of health, I am concerned about the water issues experienced by the people in the old Chatham township. I want to keep this issue in the minds of the people of Chatham Kent until there has been some type of resolution such as a health hazard investigation.

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