Les Banks: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below is Ward 6 council candidate, Les Banks’ response to our CK Election and Sports Interview. Remember to vote October 22.

My name is Les Banks and I am from Chatham and I am running for Council in Ward 6

Just a quick sports background I used to play indoor and beach volleyball, softball, hockey, enjoy hunting and fishing and coached girls soccer for a couple years, youth sports are always in need of volunteers and they are much appreciated. I am for a twin pad arena but only after getting more information on costs, location, and making sure priorities like services, and infrastructure are taken care of first. Our focus should be on reducing taxes, reducing waste, finding efficiencies, making sure we have oversight of municipal staff and spending. I have lived most of my life right here in Chatham. I am married and have 2 girls with a 3rd child on the way. We live and work right here in Chatham. Like so many out there I work for a living, I don’t own my own business and am not one of the elites. Over the past two decades I have watched Chatham Kent struggle with old infrastructure, job losses, poor decision making and wasted trips overseas with no real gain. I believe people are ready for a change, as a councilor I will make sure your tax dollars are being spent wisely, not wasted on defunct railroads, industrial parks that are not sold or rented out, theaters that we are still subsidizing, Chatham Kent used to be thriving and can be again. I would push for subsidies on property tax and utilities to attract new business to the area and retain them. I would make sure that there is accountability and that fiascos like the downtown high-rise, the Keil St bridge, 5th St bridge, the destruction of the Tecumseh Park, and the construction issue on Grand Ave do not happen again. I was advised by a supervisor at the water company that CK has 10 facilities, other cities with over 100k people have 1. I would seek to add more ambulances as currently I was told by the manager that oversees the department that we only have 8 for all of CK, with usually 6 just for Chatham, this is putting our citizens at risk. I would seek to have a volunteer firefighter program introduced to help. I would like to see an indoor pool owned by the city, more playground equipment in our parks for children, and mini splash pad that so many other cities have(I have checked with other cities and the pricing is modest, the same goes for playground equipment like slides and swings) a recreations facility for teens that offers sports, video games and teaches skills, one that is open year round, and expansions of the senior center with more programs offered. I want to see the civic center used as a free ice rink in the winter again. I want to see some better oversight of our CKPS , our city has been ranked nationwide in the top 20 several times now for break and enter, at one point ranked 8th in all of Canada, speeding and running red lights is also a major issue with little enforcement. I will personally look through the books to make sure the tax payers money is not being wasted and make sure CK staff are held accountable to the people. I will bring common sense decision making, and work to bring jobs to Chatham Kent. It is time for change and it is time for the people to be heard. I will do my best to reply to the constituents as quickly as possible and do my best to resolve your issues. Let your voice be heard Oct 22, get out and vote for responsible change.

Thank you for your support

Les Banks

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