Trevor Thompson: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the responses to our CK Election and Sports interview with Ward 2, South Kent candidate Trevor Thompson.

Name: Trevor Thompson

Hometown and Ward: Cedar Springs Ward 2/South Kent

What’s your sports/recreation background? Very little organized sport. Avid canoe/kayaker, cyclist, camper.

What are your thoughts, or what value do you place in sports and recreation for the citizens of Chatham-Kent overall, and/or when showcasing Chatham-Kent to newcomers? Sports and recreation are of a high priority when it comes to quality of life. Nobody has memories of going to the end of the road to check out the paving job and marveling at the smoothness. Memories are built at arenas, ball diamonds and soccer fields. Family time is hiking, biking and enjoying playgrounds. Keeping active is keeping healthy.

One of the hot topics leading up to the election, and over the past decade has been a new twin pad arena for Chatham-Kent. Where do you stand on this? What thoughts do you have? I’m supportive of a twin pad, with a few conditions. Not without upper levels of government support and a plan to decommission Memorial and Erickson in Chatham. Too often we get caught up in the ‘shiny and new’ without properly dealing with the realities and what we’re going to do with the old.

Do you have any other ideas or plans that would impact health, wellness, sports, or recreation in Chatham-Kent, and specifically in your Ward? I’m working towards developing a water trail with signage, maps, and related infrastructure from Thamesville to Lighthouse Cove on the Thames. I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished on the CK Trails Committee. We’re building trails, looking at new opportunities, and in the last year allow, have accessed more than $1-million in upper level government funding.

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers and voters? Demographics are the biggest issue facing the municipality. Attracting people here will keep schools open, grow businesses bottom line, and help spread the taxation load. A balance between paying down debt, low taxation and strategic investment in quality of life infrastructure will do that.

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