New Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff A Supporter Of Local Sports, New Arena

Darrin Canniff Mayor Chatham-Kent

Darrin Canniff at a voting station. Canniff is Chatham-Kent’s new mayor

A new mayor is about to take leadership in Chatham-Kent after Darrin Canniff unseated incumbent Randy Hope.

Canniff, who has been involved in local sports in various capacities for his entire life, spoke to CKSN prior to the election regarding sports and recreation in Chatham-Kent.

One topic he was a proponent for, was a new twin-pad arena being built.

“A new twin-pad arena for Chatham-Kent is long overdue. We cannot be seen as an innovative and thriving
community if we continue to accept the fact that “past their due date” facilities are adequate for our citizens and acceptable to those scrutinizing our community for investment purposes,” Canniff wrote.

“Council has much of the information needed to make an informed decision on whether to replace the aging Memorial and Erickson arenas with a state of the art facility. It is time to act.”

Canniff received 19,316 votes, the equivalent of 27%.

Continuing the topic of new facilities, Darrin Canniff also talked of the importance of new and properly maintained facilities in terms of jobs and economy, and community health.

“Having sports and recreation programs and their requisite facilities available for our citizens is a critical element in maintaining the overall health and well-being of our community. It is especially important they are available and accessible for children in order to start them on the path of participation in sports that enrich their lives, build character and help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle,” he said regarding the value of sports and recreation for the citizens of Chatham-Kent.

“Equally important is the impact that excellent recreational facilities or the lack thereof can have on two elements critical to Chatham-Kent – a catalyst in attracting jobs and the attraction and retention of youth. Companies and organizations looking to locate or relocate to a community look carefully at what recreational programs and facilities are available for their employees who may need to relocate to a new city. Prospective companies and individuals will compare what is available in Chatham-Kent with the quality of facilities and programs in other communities – it is part of their checklist. If we are lacking in this area, we make it easy for them to decide to go elsewhere. It is imperative that excellent recreational facilities be considered a key component of infrastructure expenditure in Chatham-Kent.”

With 9 new faces on Chatham-Kent council, including Chatham-Kent’s new mayor, the opportunity to take action on new facilities seems ripe.

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