Audra Vanroboys Finding Success At Miami

Audra Vanroboys is used to a University-like program. After all, she moved away from home following elementary school to compete with Ridley College.

That experience, and her obvious on-ice skills, have helped the Thamesville product, and London Devilettes alumni find success in her first season of ACHA hockey with the Miami University Redhawks.

“I can honestly say that my time at Miami so far has been amazing,” said Vanroboys. “I think coming from Ridley and already having experienced living away from home made the transition to university a lot easier. I find myself loving Miami more and more every day and I’ve found that balancing my course work, hockey, and social life isn’t as challenging as I had thought it would be.”

On the ice, Miami is Nationally ranked, and Vanroboys has found the back of the net on multiple occasions, contributing to an already strong lineup.

Despite the skill on the ice, Vanroboys feels it’s the intangibles that have aided in her team’s early success.

“I think the key to our success so far is largely due to the camaraderie at the rink and around campus,” she explained. “My team really emphasizes family, and we all play to have fun and to represent our school and each other. With that being said, we do have a young roster and know that we have to work hard and push each other every practice and off ice session if we want to continue to grow and succeed against top teams.”

If the early returns are any indication, Miami and Vanroboys are in for years of success.

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